Original Australian Army Fur Felt Hat

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These are original unissued Fur Felt Slouch Hats (unbashed) ... you can shape them however you like. 

The Slouch Hat became standard issue headdress in 1903 and its brim position was mostly standardised. The slouch hat became a famous symbol of the Australian fighting man during World War One and continued to be worn throughout World War Two. Its use since that time has made it a national symbol.

As these are mostly original unissued you can shape yours however you like.

There are no Australian Military Markings - These hats were purchased from the "Australian Department of Defence Surplus"

NSN Number: 8405-66-011-8867

NSN Number: 8405-66-011-8868

Please note: Product image is indicitave only. These are original army issue and the colour and markings may vary.

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