Ledlenser P3 Core Torch


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The P3 Core mini flashlight is a powerful and compact lighting solution that will fit perfectly into your pocket. With its strong performance and ability to fit into any pant or shirt pocket, this flashlight is a must-have for anyone on the go.

Key Features:

      • Advanced Focus System: Patented technology allows continuous focusing of the light, enabling efficient flood lighting and precise spot lighting as needed.
      • Compact and Versatile Design: Eliminates the need for multiple flashlights by offering both flood and spot lighting in one compact device.
      • Functional Clip with Roll Protection: Easily attaches to your shirt or trouser pocket, providing easy access and serving as roll protection during demanding activities.
      • Dual Power Source Compatibility: Operable with either an AAA alkaline battery or a NiMH rechargeable battery, offering flexibility in choosing the power source.
      • Long Runtime: Up to 6 hours of continuous illumination, ensuring long-lasting performance.
      • Brightness and Beam Distance:
      • Power mode: 90 lumens with a beam distance of 110 meters.
      • Mid Power mode: 50 lumens with a beam distance of 70 meters.
      • Low Power mode: 15 lumens with a beam distance of 40 meters.


    • Colour: Black
    • Material: ABS | PMMA Plastic Lens
    • Dimensions (defocused): 96 mm (Length) x 20 mm (Diameter)
    • Weight: 42g

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