Gerber Fuse Folding Knife


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The Fuse folding knife from Gerber is a perfect knife for everyday general tasks.

The Fuse merges high-resolution electroformed stainless steel with lightweight glass-filled nylon to provide a rigid, stylish, trend-forward design.

Two full stainless steel liners provide added rigidity, and an exposed easy-access liner lock makes operation simple. Built on barrel construction, and equipped with a deep carry pocket clip.


  • An electro-formed stainless steel grip ability for the user.
  • An easily accessible liner lock for smooth operation
  • Along the spine of the handle is an exposed jimping for better grip performance.
  • Overall barrel construction design.
  • Includes a deep carry pocket clip for safe-keeping and easy transportation.
  • Scutcheon axle shroud present.
  • Very lightweight which enhance movement and carrying ability.


  • Blade Length: 8.39 cm
  • Closed Length: 12.19 cm
  • Overall Length: 20.83 cm
  • Weight: 80 grams

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