Gasmate Gas Lantern Medium

Gasmate Gas Lantern Medium


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The Gasmate Medium Camping Lantern provides the perfect lighting solution when camping. It throws an incredible amount of warm light that will last for as long as your gas supply allows. An effective and efficient source of light away from electrical mains.


Incredibly Bright

Produces 200 to 300 candle power

Built Tough

Chrome plated steel frame and epoxy powder coated hood


Heat resistant frosted glass

Convenient Fitted with a camping valve connection (3/8" BSP-LH fitting)
High quality mantle Will not need replacing often
Adjustable dimmer

You control the light output

No need for  batteries or chargers

The lantern will work for as long as your gas lasts

Convenient multi purpose handle Use to carry or hang from tent or shelter
Gas certified Gas certified to Australian Standards




MEDIUM Lantern

Body finish

Chrome plated steel frame




200 - 300 C.P. (or 2850 BTU)

Gas Consumption 58g/h

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