Belgian M51 Gasmask with Filter

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The Belgian A.N.P. M-51 was a licensed copy of the French A.N.P. M-51.  It was used by the Belgian military until it was replaced by the BEM 4 GP in the 1990's.  This example was made by Companie Bergougnan Belge.

A.N.P. = Appareil Normal de Protection = "Normal Protection Device"

The face piece is made of moulded rubber and features Tissot tubes. The lenses are crimped in place with either brown or green crimps. Markings under the chin would include: the designation M-51, the facepiece size, last two digits of the manufacturing year and manufacturers markings. 
Includes Czech gas mask carry bag
The mask is fitted with a six point rubber head hardness and embossed with M51 designation, manufacturers initials and date.
The exhale valve is protected by a metal mesh cover which can be screwed off to gain access to inspect and replace the exhale valve.


Sold as a novelty item they are ideal for fancy dress costumes, cos play, anime, film props and military collectors.

Please note: These are original military surplus therefore there may be some colour, quality and style variation to the image shown. Items are picked at random and no two gasmasks are exactly the same.

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