Ex Military Swiss SM-67 Gas Mask With Bag and Filter

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MILITARY SURPLUS Swiss SM-67 Gas Mask with Bag and Filter


These gas masks are made to high standards and can best be described as "swiss quality" in all aspects. 

The Swiss SM-67 Gas Mask is a military surplus gas mask from the Swiss Army. These gas masks are made to Swiss quality standards and have all of the modern features you would expect from a Swiss gas mask.

Included with each SM-67 gas mask is a NATO standard filter and Swiss military gas mask bag that can be used to store and transport your gas mask.

The five point harness on the back of the SM-67 ensures that this mask is truly a one-size-fits-all design and you can wear the mask as tight or loose as you feel comfortable. The lenses provide over two inches diameter of viewable space. The exhaust diaphragm is located at nose level which ensures a rapid release for additional comfort when wearing the SM-67. 

Uses Standard 40MM Filters
Includes Mask, Filter, and Bag

Sold as a novelty item they are ideal for fancy dress costumes, cos play, anime, film props and military collectors

Please note: These are original military surplus therefore there may be some colour, quality and style variation to the image shown. Items are picked at random and no two gasmasks are exactly the same.

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